Terms of Service
(1) Accuracy of Information You must be at least 13 years of age to use the Barre with Gill services/products. You understand and acknowledge that all information presented is accurate, truthful and yours.

(2) Barre with Gill Risks of Service/Product Use: Barre with Gill services are not suitable for everyone. It is up to you, as an individual, to consult with a licensed medical professional to ensure that you are cleared and are physically able to perform the exercises that Barre with Gill services suggest. Barre with Gill is a general service and is not designed or catered specifically to you and therefore, you accept and understand that the exercises involved could involve risks, injuries and/or death. It is up to you, as an individual, to understand and accept that by participating in Barre with Gill services, you are doing so at your own free will and accord. Barre with Gill is not a medical professional and therefore, all services, advice and programs mentioned are to be internalized, completed and used at your own risk. Barre with Gill is not responsible for any injuries, health problems or death that may arise as a result from participating, using or performing in any of such services or products.

(3) User Code of Conduct Barre with Gill services/products are designed to be a household investment. You, as an individual, understand, acknowledge and accept that you will not share any paid services/products with individuals outside of your household. If found guilty, you will be removed from the Barre with Gill community. Absolutely no refunds or returns will occur.

(4) Term and Termination By completing your Barre with Gill payment, you acknowledge and understand that this agreement will commence immediately. If your payment is not received when due, Barre with Gill has the right to remove your access to the Barre with Gill community.