An inclusive fitness and wellness community where individuals feel connected, supported, and strong through the power of mindful movement.

"I came across Barre with Gill 8 months postpartum and at the start of the pandemic. I can't even describe how much the workouts have helped my mood and energy. I saw my strength and flexibility improve very quickly. It was important to me to have different workout lengths to choose from, and a good variety to keep me engaged. Gill's positivity is infectious. You can message her anytime you need help, and even though it's virtual, you feel like you're in class with her in person. I would highly recommend to anyone"


"Barre with Gill is the best! It can be high energy and intense or a stretching class that is invigorating yet calming. All of her exercises can be modified and adapted for all fitness levels or injuries. Gill has got me back to regular exercise and I love that I can do it in the comfort of my own home. I appreciate that Gill is a 'real person' we can all relate to. Thanks Gill for helping me feel healthy and confident in my own skin"!


"Gillian is an amazing barre instructor. Her workouts are challenging and effective. She has an enthusiasm that is addictive and great motivational strategies that keep me on point. I love working out with her".


"I love Barre with Gill! So many workout options ranging in sweat level, to focus, to length of time. It's nice that no matter how active or not active I'm feeling I can find something to do. The group chat and monthly challenge also helps get me back into it if I slip. Gill promotes a healthy, well rounded life and listening to your body, just the kind of motivation I need. She'll even remind you to drink water and get fresh air. I'm so glad I'm a part of this little virtual community".


"Barre with Gill is a unique, exciting and fun workout community. Gill is an excellent instructor who cares about each of her clients and holds them accountable on their progress. My favourite thing about Barre with Gill classes would be Gill's reminders to 'listen to your body' and the different levels of exercises she provides. Gill has created a community unlike any other, where members can communicate with not only Gill but with each other to motivate and encourage everyone. Her platform is dynamic and a great way to move your body and workout while smiling through the Barre burn"!


"I recently had the pleasure of attending one of Gill's barre classes. It was an equal balance of fun and hard work, where I used almost every muscle in my body. Gill is extremely knowledgeable, which only enriched the entire experience, as she knew exactly how to best work each muscle. I would recommend this class to anyone looking for a way to feel healthy and workout in a fun and encouraging environment".

Gillian J.

"I first signed up for Barre with Gill as I wanted to focus on rebuilding atrophied muscles in my legs and core, recreate an overall body to take pressure off my right injured knee and increase day-to-day mobility.

Doing Gill's live-streams and recorded workouts consistently, mixing up as she focuses on different areas, significantly improved my knee rehabilitation. I love how it can be intense and low-impact. I love how I can feel muscles I've never felt before. I love that it's not a quick fix, and that you get out what you put in. Mostly I love that it's fun.

What I realized for my body is that it's a lifelong conversation. I don't have to go hard every week because it's not a race. I have strong days and I have stronger days. I feel OK about this because Gillian makes me feel comfortable easing back when I need to. There's support, not guilt. Encouragement and advice, a way forward when you need it. It fits into real life".


"Being physically active and moving my body each day is very important to me and I love the way Barre with Gill gives me the motivation to do just that! Barre with Gill - on demand has replaced the gym for me and I can do it all from the comfort of my own home, which I love. Whether I am in the mood for a big sweat session or just a stretch, I can find it all there. Gill also always offers modifications, making her classes good for any skill level"!