Barre with Gill

Customized fitness programs designed for prenatal and postpartum women to feel connected, motivated, and empowered through mindful movement.

Gillian is a supportive, inspiring, and encouraging prenatal and postnatal fitness educator that pregnant and postpartum women can connect with, learn from, and be guided through mindful movement that is safe and effective. 

Prenatal Programs

Feel confident working out while pregnant. My prenatal customized barre fitness programs are designed to guide you through and educate you on how to safely and effectively stay active while pregnant.

Postnatal Programs

Gain confidence and strength. My postnatal customized barre fitness programs focus on mindful movement that will encourage you to tap into your mind, body, and soul to help you be the best mama for your little(s).

Meet Gillian

Gillian’s passion for movement began at a young age and escalated in more recent years when she wanted to share that passion of movement with others. Having been a dancer growing up, Gillian understood the importance of nourishing her body, mind and soul as one as it ensured that both on and off the stage, she was able to perform exercises and movement in the most optimal way. Gillian emphasizes the importance of “listening to your body”, as we are all unique.

Gillian uses functional based exercises that are designed to strengthen, lengthen and tone muscles. She is a new mom to her daughter, Cara, and is a certified barre instructor and 2 x certified prenatal/postnatal fitness specialist. Gillian loves to promote mindful movement with every one of her clients. She will work with and educate you on how to use low-impact, functional based exercises that will leave you feeling more inspired, confident and strong.

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